Prophecy: Bitcoin at $ 115,000 – Who says better?

Everyone gets started! – With the new start of euphoria in its latest bull market, Bitcoin (BTC) is entitled to an even higher frequency of price predictions than usual. After the (interested) announcement of actress Lindsay Lohann a few days ago, today the most serious hedge fund Pantera Capital is ready to play. Previous Pantera […]

Bitcoin rompió 40k, ¿hará el Dow lo mismo?

Me quito el sombrero ante mi colega de InvestorPlace, Matt McCall, por haber ganado nuestra apuesta amistosa en la que llegaría primero a los 40K – bitcoin (CCC:BTC) o el Dow. El sábado, bitcoin alcanzó un nuevo récord histórico de 42.000 dólares, después de superar su anterior récord de alrededor de 20.000 dólares el 23 […]

Bitcoin Cash Preisprognose: BCH auf 600 USD als nächstes, Analyst

Die Bitcoin-Bargeldpreisprognose erwartet einen Anstieg auf 600 USD. Ein starker Widerstand liegt bei 480 USD. Die starke Unterstützung liegt bei 430 USD Die Bitcoin Cash-Preisvorhersage von Akhi Prajapati zeigt ein dreifaches Grundmuster in den Diagrammen der Kryptowährung. Der Analyst geht davon aus, dass der Vermögenswert als nächstes einen Ausbruch beobachten und über das Niveau von […]

Analyse du prix des bitcoins : La CTB voit 30 000 dollars mais la correction des signaux pourrait bientôt avoir lieu

Le marché mondial de la cryptographie a encore augmenté de 30 milliards de dollars aujourd’hui, ce qui a contribué à sortir Bitcoin du triangle baissier Crypto Bank descendant d’hier et à le faire progresser vers un nouveau record absolu de 28 800 dollars. Malgré l’augmentation des investissements entrant sur le marché au cours des dernières […]

JPMorgan: Bitcoin to take over market shares from Gold

JPMorgan: Bitcoin to take over market shares from Gold The major investment bank forecasts that Bitcoin will lose market share in the long term to the market leader in value retention. The growing adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as a store of value has an immediate impact on gold, which could lead to a shift in […]

What is the highest value ever of Bitcoin?

Let us all agree on a nice number before bitcoin sets a new record. Because when the AEX or the Dow Jones reaches a record, that is easy to grasp. There is only one number. But with bitcoin that is a bit more difficult. After all, there is not one dominant stock exchange that determines […]

An on-chain analyst says Bitcoin hodlers are only getting stronger

Willy Woo says Bitcoin could reach $200,000 by 2021 because older investors are more confident about the current rebound. According to on-chain analyst Willy Woo, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) could reach a „conservative“ target of $200,000 in 2021. The prediction revolves around the fact that older investors seem more confident in the recent upturn. […]

S&P Dow Jones Indices will index cryptocurrencies

S&P Dow Jones Indices announced the introduction of benchmarks for digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. The company says the time is „ripe“. Crypto-savvy Wall Street traders will soon have access to new tools for evaluating cryptocurrencies To this end, S&P Dow Jones Indices, a leading global index creator with over 100 years of experience, has […]

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