Earn Crypto by Exercising: 5 Best Move-to-Earn Projects for 2023

Overview of Move-to-Earn Projects

• Move-to-earn projects offer financial rewards for physical activity.
• They are open to everyone and have a low barrier to entry.
• There is potential for incredible growth in this niche, with opportunities for giants in the health and fitness niche to link their apps with crypto tokens.

The Best Move-to-Earn Platforms

Move-to-earn games generally don’t have a learning curve, making them welcoming to a large audience. Here are the best platforms that can help you get in shape and earn cryptocurrency simultaneously:
• Genopets – Earn cryptocurrency by completing simple exercises or tasks.
• Dotmoovs – Complete daily workouts and tasks to earn tokens.
• Fitcoin – Get paid to exercise with Fitcoin’s integrated blockchain technology.
• PumaPay – Get rewarded for meeting your fitness goals through gamified challenges such as walking or running.
• SweatCoin – Convert your steps into SweatCoins and exchange them for real money or goods/services from SweatCoin’s partners.

Pros of Move-to-Earn Projects

Move-to-earn projects offer several advantages including:
• Financial reward for physical activity
• Low barrier to entry • Promotes healthier lifestyle and physical activity • Opportunity for giants in the health and fitness niche to gamify fitness, link their apps with crypto tokens, and increase their value • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experts can do their magic to set their projects apart

Cons of Move To Earn Games

Although move-to-earn games provide many advantages, there are some drawbacks associated with them as well: • Risk of overtraining due to excessive focus on earning rewards • Potential privacy issues since most apps track user data such as location • Dependency on third parties which may be unreliable


Move-to-earn projects offer an innovative way of promoting healthy lifestyles while also providing financial rewards. While they come with some risks, they present an opportunity for giants in the health and fitness industry to integrate blockchain technology into their existing products or create entirely new ones – thus increasing their value.