Dogefather Musk Propels Aptos 15% with Ill-Fated Tweet

• Elon Musk unintentionally caused Aptos coin to experience a 15% bull rally on the market.
• Ethereum (ETH) upgraded, causing it to break $2,100 for the first time since May 2022.
• Dogecoin (DOGE) reclaimed its support line of $0.09 after Musk made a bet for an emerald mine’s existence and was roasted by BBC journalist in an interview.

Musk Effect Causes Aptos Coin Rally

Elon Musk has done it again – the crypto community on Twitter is buzzing after he unintentionally catapulted the emerging altcoin Aptos (APT) back to the $13 price range. In the early hours of Friday, the Twitter CEO shared a tweet with three abbreviations – “AI APT OTT!” While the intention wasn’t exactly crypto-related, mentioning APT was the turning point for an instantaneous bull rally. At press time, Aptos trades at $12.88 according to CoinGecko, slightly dropping below its daily high of $13.40 and outperforming both Ethereum and Dogecoin with 15% gains.

Ethereum Upgrades Shape Altcoin Season

As Bitcoin continues its ongoing bull run, many crypto traders wonder when altcoin season will take off. Luckily, Ethereum’s success is followed by Aptos and Dogecoin inking double digits on their daily charts due to the Shapella upgrade launch today which gained 10%. With this upgrade came a break from Ethereum’s previous all-time high of $2,100 set in May 2022.

Dogecoin Reclaims Resistance Line After Musk Bet

The top dog memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE) also reclaimed its key resistance line and is currently changing hands at $0.09 due to Elon Musk’s one million bet to find an allegedly inherited emerald mine: „I will pay a million Dogecoin for proof of this mine’s existence!“ The wager caused huge buzz among traders as they speculated whether or not such an emerald mine exists or if this was just another classic move from The Dogefather himself – only time will tell!

BBC Interview Sparks Controversy

In related news, Elon recently roasted a BBC journalist in what seemed like an ill-prepared interview about increased cases of hate speech on Twitter after his takeover of the company – when asked for an example, James Clayton couldn’t come up with one! The cringe-inducing encounter received immense backlash from Crypto Twitter who called out BBC North America reporter for incompetence during said interview .


Elon ‚The Dogefather‘ Musk has once again demonstrated his wild side with his latest projects bringing attention to both Aptos coin and Dogecoin as well as sparking controversy in his BBC interview – leaving us wondering what he’ll do next!